Monday, May 4, 2009


Outside my window: the birds have discovered the little feeder in the front lavender bed. This highly amuses, Indy, the fierce watch cat of the house. He is perched on the chair, peering through the blinds, watching the birds.
I am thinking: I need more Claritin, or perhaps a stronger allergy medicine.
I am thankful for: bright sunshine days. They just cheer up the whole house.
I am praying for: contentment.
From the kitchen: I see the makings for spaghetti sauce on the counter. I am hoping to make a triple batch this afternoon so I can freeze some for future meals.
I am wearing: jean capris, blue t-shirt and black flip flops
I am creating: a mess. Yes, I said the same thing last week. I have discovered that I am quite good at making a mess, therefore, I must continue. Seriously though, after putting the wood down in the dining room, I decided that I needed to re-paint the baseboards (that had been pulled up). Once those are painted, Jeff will put them back in place and we will begin the whole process (wood, paint, etc.) in the den. I may never get things back in order around here.
I am going: to Target this evening. I want a new Swiffer vac for the wood floors.
I am reading: Love's Enduring Promise (what a charming series this is turning out to be)
I am hoping: to get the first seedlings planted in the garden this weekend.
I am hearing: the girls while they clean out the guinea pig and hamster cages. I can also hear the boys chase the hound dog around the backyard.
Around the house: more controlled chaos
One of my favorite things: the smile of a friend.
A few plans for the upcoming week: paint, flooring, re-arrange, paint, flooring, organize, sleep
A picture thought:
This is going to be my (our) summer project. We have your basic 3ft wooden fence around our side and backyard. It is functional but not attractive. We are going to paint it a crisp white. If we all band together, it should only take a couple days. I'll keep ya posted. Haha. Posted. Get it?

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marybeth said...

Hi Kim! Just started blogging again after a few months break. How are the kids? Outside my landing window I've been watching a robin nesting--and this weekend the little ones hatched!
Hope all is well--MB