Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family time

We had a lovely visit with Spence and Christina the past few days. For those not familiar, or don't know what my hubby Jeff looks like, take a look at Spence. Spitting image. Dad and son for sure! The above picture is from their recent vow re-newel in California.

It was their first time visiting our home. It was a wonderful time. Spence proved extremely helpful (and kind) while he helped dear hubby finish the wood floors in the living room. He also took loads of fun pictures of the boys at their first soccer game. They were so happy to have him on the sidelines.

Christina blessed us with her yummy spaghetti sauce. Her Italian roots were super powerful that afternoon. She is going to share her ravioli recipe with me, too! I can't wait.

We are planted here in Indiana with a loving community of friends and church family but it makes me happy to have our heart-to-heart family in for a visit. It really made me smile to see the kids interact with their grandparents. Kids learn so much from 'papas & grandmas.'

Dad and Christina, come back soon. Love ya!