Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thirteen on Tuesday

Thirteen things that me happy - in no particular order.

1. The Swiffer Vac. Where has this been all my life? Don't have one? Get one.

2. Planning surprises. It's a secret. I'll share more soon.

3. Old rocking chairs. My mother in law gave me the chair she purchased when she was expecting my hubby. It sits in my dining room. I love telling the kids that daddy used to be rocked in the very same chair long ago.

4. Saltwater taffy. Yummy sweet stuff. It looks cute in bowls and in clear jars, too!

5. Itty bitty blue robin eggs. We have another nest on our back fence post. This is the third year in a row for nest building.

6. Crisp white milk glass. I love it.

7. Big purple irises. They have their own distinct personality, don't you think?

8. A shiny clean wood floor.

9. Sweet simple daisies. How can you not smile?

10. Books. Massive love for books. I am being over-run by books. I don't care.

11. A 10 speed cruiser. I got one for Mother's Day, complete with a basket! I love it.

12. Being married to my very best friend.

13. Being a mom to six sweet kids.


Mimi said...

Great list! Good things, all.

Enjoy the bike