Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer time daybook

Outside my window: I can see the 5 peony bushes filled with fluffy pink and white flowers. They are a true favorite.
I am thinking: of choices. There is a lot going on in my head these days. Some of it is nonsense. Some of it demands full attention and a lot of prayer.
I am thankful for: warm sunshine and active kids.
I am praying for: clarity and wisdom.
From the kitchen: I just cleaned up from lunch. Dinner tonight will be taco salad or burgers. I may leave the decision up to the kids.
I am creating: a family journal. I am using an actual paper journal and pen. It feels good to actually use get thoughts, feelings and memories onto a clean sheet of paper.
I am going: to take Emily to her first day of volleyball try-outs. That is the only place the van needs to go today. Hooray.
I am reading: The Educated Child by Bennett.
I am hoping: to thoroughly weed the garden this week. It seems to be a losing battles most days.
I am hearing: the lawnmower brigade. There are lots of people taking care of their yard today.
Around the house: I am driven to distraction listening to the dogs 'clickety clack' all over the kitchen and den. They need their nails clipped. This will bring much drama. Listen for howls.
One of my favorite things: hugs
A few plans for the upcoming week: organize paperwork, catch up on emails, work in the garden, send out birthday invites and enjoy the sunshine.
A picture thought:


Mimi said...

I really started noticing peonies last year, and have enjoyed seeing them again this year.